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Friends and Family,

Firstly, in these unsettling and uncertain times, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.  We hope you can take the opportunity to enjoy those close to you, cook for them, play board games and make time for those small indulgences in life. On behalf of all of us at Bee Raw we want to thank you for letting us into your homes as a part of your family time.


In light of the COVID-19 preventative measures, we are making some adjustments in an effort to give you the service you deserve. We will remain open in order to ship our products to you, however those orders might take slightly longer to be fulfilled than normal. We suggest placing orders with adequate/additional lead time. Also, please know that while we prepare your orders, we are following CDC guidelines for sanitation; wearing disposable protective gloves, washing hands and sanitizing work surfaces and knobs and handles regularly. 


Additionally, our store, located in Industry City, will be closed to the public until further notice to promote the safety and health of you and our team.


We hope that you'll continue to support us and the small business community at large. We have plenty of delicious and comforting honey varietals ready to ship that are not only shelf stable, but offer an opportunity to delight and soothe the body and mind.  Also, don’t forget about all of the family friendly recipes, pairings and beverages at beeraw.com


We are available to answer any questions by phone or email and will assist in any way we can!

Thank you for your support and understanding, 

The Bee Raw Family


Reach out with any and all questions: